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Our Courageous Artisans

Our Courageous Artisans

Each kantha at Hand & Cloth is handmade by our partners in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s pervasive gender discrimination creates vulnerabilities for women. Girls are often considered to be financial burdens on their family from the time of birth and receive less investment in healthcare and education. Because of this, girls and women often fall victim to abuse, child marriage, adolescent motherhood, violence, slavery, or trafficking. Basha, one of our partners, offers dignified work to women and these amazing women use their talents and skills to create beautiful kanthas. Here is one of their courageous stories...

Jaanya’s story

Jaanya* describes her life as hard. She married when she was young and gave birth to her oldest son. Only a few short years later, Jaanya lost both her husband and son. Jaanya married again but her second husband beat her. In an effort to provide for herself and her children, Jaanya began work as a house-cook. Once again, she experienced abuse, this time by her employers. Jaanya’s life changed dramatically when she began her work at Basha. “Now I am good and I forget all my past,” she says. Jaanya has two daughters, one is married and the other is in primary school. Jaanya wants her daughter to get a good education so that she can support herself. Jaanya is very focused on her work and on building a life that she is proud of for herself and her young daughter.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our artisans.


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