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We've Found It: The Perfect Picnic Blanket

We've Found It: The Perfect Picnic Blanket


The TOP 5 REASONS why kantha coverlets are the perfect accompaniment for your picnics this summer.  

1. Portable 
Kanthas are light and fold up small enough to fit in your bag making them easy to carry when hiking to your favorite spot, yet large enough to gather your friends around.

2. Easy to Clean
Picnic at ease knowing that an occasional spill or accumulated sand and grass are problems easily solved by tossing your kantha in the washing machine.  

3. Beautifully Designed
With bright colors and bold patterns worthy of summer, your picnic will never look less than stunning. Pairing complimentary saris, kanthas are reversible giving you two different fabric design options to compliment your spread.

4. Socially Conscious
In selecting a hand-crafted Kantha for your picnic, you will be helping to offer dignified work to vulnerable women.
5. Versatile
Not only do they make a great picnic blanket, kanthas are perfect for drying off after a quick dip in the lake or wrapping up in while waiting for the sun to set. 

We suspect the kantha may become one of your favorite textiles this summer and one that you don't want to leave the house without. When the sun is shining, there will be nothing stopping you from picking up some snacks, grabbing a great book, spreading out your kantha and taking a moment to soak in the beauty of summer!


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