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The Crisis Women Face
Bangladesh’s pervasive gender discrimination creates vulnerabilities for women. Girls are often considered to be financial burdens on their family from the time of birth and receive less investment in healthcare and education. Because of this, girls and women often fall victim to abuse, child marriage, adolescent motherhood, violence, slavery, or trafficking.

Textile Solution: Kantha
For centuries, Bengali women have sewn discarded cloth together with a simple running stitch to create something new. This functional "kantha dorokha" (two-sided quilt) was not a work of art, but simply what the poorest families used to keep warm. Kantha also had an aspect of intimacy. Women stitched kantha for their loved ones- for their children, their husbands, and their parents. The earliest known mention of the Bengali kantha is five hundred years old - in Krishnadas Kaviraj’s Sri Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, he refers to a kantha sent to him by his mother [Manjary Mohanty, “Quilt (Kantha) Art of Bengal"] .

We hope you enjoy the kantha we've sourced. This traditional two-sided blanket, made from reclaimed sari cloth, has been a quiet form of self-expression for women in Bangladesh for centuries. 

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